Command Reference



$ oktavia_mkindex [options]

Common Options

  • -i, --input [input folder/file]:

    Target files to search. .html, .csv, .txt are available.

  • -t, --type [type]:

    Export type. index, base64, js (default), commonjs are available. ‘index’ is a just index file. Others are base64 source code style output.

  • -m, --mode [mode]:

    Mode type. ‘html’, ‘csv’, ‘text’ are available. This option is neeeded.

  • -c, --cache-density [percent]:

    Cache data density. It effects file size and search speed. 100% become four times of base index file size. Default value is 5%. Valid value is 0.1% - 100%.

  • -n, --name [function]:

    A variable name for ‘js’ output or property name for ‘js’ and ‘commonjs’. Default value is ‘searchIndex’.

  • -q, --quiet:

    Hide detail information.

  • -h, --help:

    Display help message.

HTML Mode Options

  • -r, --root [document root]:

    Document root folder. Default is current. Indexer creates result file path from this folder.

  • -p, --prefix [directory prefix]:

    Directory prefix for a document root from a server root. If your domain is and ‘manual’ is passed, document root become It effects search result URL. Default value is ‘/’.

  • -o, --output [outputfolder]:

    Directory that will store output files. This is a relative path from root. Default value is ‘/search’.

  • -u, --unit [search unit]:

    ‘file’, ‘h1’-‘h6’. Default value is ‘file’.

  • -f, --filter [target tag]:

    Only contents inside this tag is indexed. Default value is “article,#content,#main,div.body”.

  • -s, --stemmer [algorithm]:

    Select stemming algorithm.

Supported Stemmer Algorithms

  • danish
  • dutch
  • english
  • finnish
  • french
  • german
  • hungarian
  • italian
  • norwegian
  • porter
  • portuguese
  • romanian
  • russian
  • spanish
  • swedish
  • turkish